A fantastic scenic flight combining the best of Queenstown and Middle-earth.
From Queenstown airport, like a giant eagle we fly you safely over the rugged Remarkables to Lake Alta and the crumbly schist slopes used to film Dimrill Dale which the Fellowship fled down towards Lothlórien.
As we continue across the Wakatipu basin we can glimpse the Kawarau River before crossing into the historic gold mining valley of Skippers Canyon. We land here high above the Shotover River which can be recognised as the Ford of Bruinen, the site where Arwen conjured the magical flood to dispel the Nazgûl.
We return over Ben Lomond Saddle for magnificent views of Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu before passing over Deer Park Heights to view the mountain tarn which featured when the Rohirrim Refugees were led on a clear and pristine winter morning and the view Legolas had of the approaching Wargs.

We recommend that you select a date at the start of your stay in Queenstown so that if flights are delayed due to inclement weather we have time to rebook you on an alternative day. Departure time is indicative only and we will confirm this with you in our confirmation email.